September 12 – October 24

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 12th, 6-9pm


Samuel Boehm | Forget-Me-Nots


Charles Goldman | DBLD

NEW YORK – 57W57 Arts is pleased to announce the exhibition of new works by Samuel Boehm and Charles Goldman. Please join us for an opening reception on Thursday, September 12th, 2019, from 6pm-9pm. The exhibitions will be on view to the public through October 24th.

Charles Goldman’s intrinsic occupation of space has created a body of work that spans over two decades of spacio-temporal interjections. His post-conscious and post-anthropomorphic materializations antagonize a self-conscious volition towards the abstract. Stillwhile, he remains firmly rooted in the detritus of modernity’s creative spirit. Seated at the heart of his environment for 57W57 is the scarcophagan abstraction RE>CRETE>JJ composed of the artist’s own material RE>CRETE>, made of media remains, electro-mechanical parts, newspapers, advertisements, and more – pulped, mixed and set by Goldman’s studio. The sculpture’s intensity, which verges on the banal and supercedes the surreal, is triangulated by rearticulations of his post-human themes on paper, cavas/plexi, and praxis based ready-mades. Goldman writes:

Distances, quantities and times are containers for individual experience. They are moved through, unstoppable and constantly being demarked, divided and discarded. They are the abstract and ephemeral detritus of our lives, constantly being shed and still containing our trace -- the proof of our existence and of its specificity in time and space. Whether an empty bottle, a path worn, or a door shut, a definite quantity has been moved through, separated and quantified, and with it an undeniable experience has been had.

Exhibition view.

Samuel Boehm is a painter working simultaneously within and against the formalist vernacular. His use of the palette knife to carve out semiotic remnants creates a body of work that exhibits a detached and orphic presence. His units of vision translate the familiar into reductive relics, aloft in the contemporary exchange of maxims. Casual yet allegorical, his works wade in the eddy of the political once removed. Boehm writes:

The star as we know it is a five-pointed shape. I’ve noticed that we have five points too. I often wonder if we all want to be stars or if maybe stars just want to be people, but then I think that everything to my people-brain is people-like.

Exhibition view.


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Images (from top/left): Charles Goldman RE>CREATE>JJ, 2018 and RE>CREATE>JJ (detail); Samuel Boehm Real Man (Windswept), 2018-2019, K Painting, 2017, Real Man, 2019, and Star Painting (Delco), 2019. Images courtesy of Samuel Boehm.