AMY E. SILVER | God, Please Just Get Me Out of This Hole!

June 23 - August 4, 2017


In the Back Room viewing space, Amy E. Silver will present God, Please Just Get Me Out of This Hole!, a selection of intimate, richly-detailed drawings made with mechanical pencil on paper. Drawing serves as the basis of Silver’s versatile practice, which includes painting, 3-dimensional forms, durational performance pieces and video. Ranging from small scale to wall-sized drawings, Silver’s visual narratives are ingrained with humor, pathos and a meandering spirit.

Brooklyn-based artist Amy E. Silver received her B.A. in Art History from The University of Pennsylvania in 2009. Her work has been included in an exhibition at CR10 Contemporary Art Space in Germantown, NY, the 2016 SPRING/BREAK Art Show, and a performance-based drawing show at the Artsy offices in New York.