LUIS CORZO, SUE RAVITZ, KEEGAN MILLS COOKE | Untitled (Cigarette Box) 2018

March 9 - April 20, 2018 



In the gallery’s Back Room, Luis Corzo, Sue Ravitz and Keegan Mills Cooke will present “Untitled (Cigarette Box) 2018,” a collaborative project featuring photographs, objects and a limited edition zine. Inspired by Ravitz’s collection of 1950-60’s cigarette boxes, photographer Luis Corzo sought to capture these vintage ceramic containers in a way that spoke to their unique ambiguity. Drawn to the inherent contradiction of a beautifully hand-crafted object made expressly to hold cigarettes, Corzo playfully reverses the intended function of these boxes by turning them into vessels of ‘healthy’ goods - blooming flowers, supple skin and vibrant fruits & vegetables. Along with Corzo’s photographs, selected pieces from Ravitz’s cigarette box collection will be on display.

An accompanying zine produced by artist Keegan Mills Cooke will be available during the exhibition.