JG THIES | New Paintings

January 10th - February 16th, 2019


In the gallery’s Project Space, JG Thies will present “New Paintings”, a collection of five works that consist of discarded promotional artist’s banners that have been cut-up and re-appropriated as paintings. Each painting consists of a closely cropped section of perforated vinyl installed by zip-tie to the face of store-bought pre-stretched canvas. It is a subversive interaction between advertisement, urban construction, and painting. The newly appropriated, heavily pixilated images illustrate geographical landscapes and topographical maps in painterly pointillist detail. This tongue-in-cheek collection of work is Thies’ own entry into painting.

JG Thies was born in 1982 in Providence, Rhode Island. He graduated from the Hartford Art School with a BFA in Sculpture in 2005. He has exhibited work in Hartford, CT and New York, NY since 2002.