GUY C. CORRIERO | Backwards Thinking

November 3 - December 15, 2017 



In the Main Gallery, Guy C. Corriero will present Backward Thinking, a group of paintings made of hand-built panels constructed so as to reveal both front and back views simultaneously. Corriero’s irregular shapes are almost always built in reference to the head and torso, suggesting block-shaped bodies standing upright. Outlining each panel is a skeletal support structure cobbled together with small blocks, implying precarious little bones and in some cases a central spinal column. Each panel has an extended edge that forms a shallow frame, giving the panels a tray-like quality. Corriero applies layer upon layer of heated chalk gesso, usually building up the surface with 10 or more coats. With each application there are slight color variations allowing for interesting, skin-like impressions to emerge.

Guy C. Corriero was born in New York in 1960. He received his BFA (’85) and MFA (’89) from the School of the Visual Arts. Since the 1990’s, Corriero’s work has been exhibited in solo & group exhibitions in the US and abroad, including: Junior Projects (New York); Mitart Gallery (Basel, Switzerland); frosch&portmann (New York); Galerie Thomas von Lintel (Munich, Germany); and Stux Gallery (New York). Corriero was awarded an Edward F. Albee Summer Residency in 1994, and his work has been reviewed in Art News Magazine. Corriero lives in Manhattan and works in Brooklyn.