LOUISE BLYTON | Butterflymilk NY

January 12 - February 23, 2018 



In the Main Gallery, Louise Blyton will present Butterflymilk NYC, a recent series of shaped canvases and three-dimensional pieces imbued with the artist’s sublime adherence to reductive forms and materials. Harboring a love of true pigments and the inherent physicality of saturated color and intense matteness, Blyton partners raw acrylic paint with the tactile purity of untreated linen. By incorporating sculptural forms and multiple surfaces into her work, an interactive quality arises between the work and its environment, calling attention to the delicate subtleties of surrounding light and shadow. Blyton’s materials, reduced to their purest qualities, evoke a quiet stoicism and ruminative space for reflection.

Louise Blyton was born in Melbourne, Australia, and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from RMIT University in 1988. She has had over 17 solo exhibitions and has exhibited widely in numerous group exhibitions. Her curatorial project, The Exquisite Corpse, has been ongoing since 2010. Blyton has held residencies at Redgate Studio in Beijing, China, Point B Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and Factory 49 Pop Up in Paris, France. Her work is held in several private collections throughout Australia, England, France, Portugal, China and the US.