HERMINE FORD | 8 Paintings, 2 Drawings, 1997-2007

May 4 - June 8, 2018 




In the Main Gallery, Hermine Ford will present “8 Paintings, 2 Drawings, 1995-2007”. Having widely exhibited her work nationally and internationally since the 1970’s, Ford has generated an extensive oeuvre bound by a compelling visual vocabulary. The underlying theme in her work is nature, including scientific inquiry, and how culture is informed by the nebulous push and pull of the past across time and space. She is interested in how similar visual signs seem to spontaneously appear in different places throughout the planet and how these entities are formed, shared and melded together. In the process of selecting works for this exhibition, Ford recognized how similar or related phenomena has reappeared in her work again and again, sometimes under disparate guises but clearly discernible to the artist herself. This awareness of recurring motifs carried throughout her work has grounded the artist firmly within her own visual language while vigorously connecting her to the world at large.  

Hermine Ford was born in 1939 in New York, NY. She studied at Antioch College and the Yale School of Art and Architecture. Ford has had recent solo exhibitions at Outlet Fine Art, Norte Maar, Storefront and Steven Amedee Gallery. Her work has been shown in several gallery & museum group exhibitions including: Indiana University Center of Art and Design, DC Moore Gallery, The American Academy of Arts and Letters, The Bronx River Art Center, and the Plattsburgh State Art Museum. Her work has been reviewed in the print publications Art in America, The New Yorker, Artnews, The New York Times, and Artforum, and she has been a featured artist on Gorky’s Granddaughter (February 2017) and in the film “Works by Women: From the Heart” presented by The Gihon Foundation. Ford’s work is included in many public and corporate collections including: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Yale University Art Gallery, Arkansas Art Center, Phillip Morris, Inc., and General Mills. The artist currently lives and works in New York City and Nova Scotia.