ANDY SPENCE | Friends and Places

September 9 - October 21 



Andy Spence presents “Friends and Places”, a recent series of vibrant, geometric abstractions installed throughout the Main Gallery. Referencing landscape, identity, portraits and reflections, these richly-layered paintings share a bold playfulness defined by intense color and marked spatial ambiguities. Crisp, horizontal divides span the canvases’ center lines, at once delineating and obscuring the latent figures within. Included among these works are three “Untitled” paintings, each indicative of the abstracted linear landscape pulled inward.

Andy Spence has exhibited widely in galleries and museums throughout the US, including the Whitney Biennial, the Worcester Museum of Art, Edward Thorp Gallery, Lennon Weinberg Gallery, and Andrew Kreps Gallery. He is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship (1994) and has received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts in Painting (1987). Spence’s work is in the permanent collections of The Museum of Modern Art; the Boston Museum of Fine Arts; The Smithsonian Institution; The Walker Arts Center; and the Whitney Museum of American Art, among others. Spence lives and works in New York.