May 4 - June 8, 2018 


In the Project Space, Janet Passehl will present “Rapt”, featuring three ironed cloth works from 2010 and three pencil drawings from 2007. For Passehl, drawing is a sculptural act, wherein mark-making embodies a three dimensional movement through space, be it the surface of paper or across a pressed piece of cloth. Using an iron as a drawing implement on fabric, Passehl discovered a means of making an invisible, or “silent” mark, a form of drawing that leaves behind no actual mark but rather the history of an action having taken place. These cloth works embody a rich tactility and sense of the familiar, invoking an immediate and empathetic response in the viewer. Likewise a very human element is contained in Passehl’s drawings on paper, where one’s intuitive need for order and consistency is met with the inevitability of chaos and imperfection.

Janet Passehl’s work has been featured in numerous group & two-person exhibitions including: Galerie Gisela Clement (Bonn, Germany), Ian Potter Museum of Art (University of Melbourne, Australia), Mass MoCA (North Adams, MA), The Drawing Center (New York), Real Art Ways (Hartford, CT), Thomas Rehbein Gallery (Cologne, Germany) and the Francis Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery (Saratoga Springs, NY). Her work is held in several prominent collections such as the Allen Memorial Art Museum at Oberlin College; The Blanton Museum of Art, Austin, TX; Colorado Springs Fine Art Center Museum; and The LeWitt Collection, Chester, CT. Passehl’s poetry has appeared in Court Green, Arsenic LobsterCaliban Online, and in a 2015 full-length collection titled Clutching Lambs, published by Negative Capability Press, Mobile, AL.